About the Community

Magnolia is a small seaside village of Gloucester located on the Manchester town line in the southwestern part of the city.

First discovered in 1623 when England’s King James sent out an expedition to settle an outpost for exporting fish, Magnolia's rocky coastline and abundant fishing grounds has long been cherished by its inhabitants.

Over the next three hundred years, the settlement grew from a sparsely developed farming community into a summer resort destination for the rich and famous.

In the early 1900’s Magnolia was a very popular vacation destination. Vacationers would flock to the infamous Oceanside Hotel and Casino which unfortunately burnt down.

Between Manchester and Magnolia is Surf Park, a two-acre parcel of land that has scenic views of Kettle Cove. Magnolia residents are fortunate to have their own library, restaurants, and shops. Another feature of Magnolia is its beach, Gray Beach which is a part of Coolidge Reservation. Some of the most beautiful seaside scenery in Massachusetts is here In Magnolia. It is rich with large historical homes and buildings. Magnolia is home to the Hammond Castle built by the inventor and modeled after a medieval castle and includes a seven story pipe organ and dungeon!